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I love marketing, I love working with the camera, I love producing videos. But I didn't have any experience in the creative industry. There is a solution to every problem. Can't find a job in the creative industry? Create your own. And so I did. I founded the marketing agency HURAI s. r. o.


Then came the second problem. How to get the first client for whom I could start creating content. So I created a client as well. I founded the Real Estate agency ESTATE HUNTER. I have combined several passions in this agency. I like people, I like creating businesses, I like working with a camera, I like sales. And I have experience in construction, so I can give good advice to clients. In addition, I can test concepts without harming anyone's brand.

HURAI s. r. o. has a real client today. I started to speak about it and the client appeared himself. He liked my work, he liked my energy and passion, and that's what it's all about ;)



My passion in construction led me to co-found a platform that is changing and improving the lives of builders. BUILDEA turns the problems of the construction industry into opportunities and allows each party involved to benefit.

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